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Worksafe notifiable incidents

A workplace is any location where employees or self-employed persons work, Worksafe  make it clear there is no exception by stating, in service industries a workplace is anywhere the service is provided.


Notification is required where an incident at a workplace results in:

  • death; or
  • serious injury.

Worksafe notifiable incidents are incidents which result in a person requiring:

  • immediate treatment as an in-patient in a hospital
  • medical treatment within 48 hours of exposure to a substance
  • immediate medical treatment for:
  • serious lacerations
  • amputation
  • serious eye injury
  • spinal injury
  • separation of skin from underlying tissue (for example de-gloving or scalping)
  • electric shock
  • serious head injury
  • loss of bodily function

Define medical treatment?

Treatment required immediately after an incident is deemed ‘immediate medical treatment’.

medical treatment is defined as:

  • an operation
  • the administration of a drug or other like substance or
  • any other medical procedure

(Medical treatment does not include diagnostic procedures)

Notifiable injuries explained what are/is:

serious lacerations?

  • deep cut or cuts and/or extensive cuts,
  • tears or wounds to tissue or flash on the body.

These injuries may include stitching to prevent loss of blood and/or other treatment to prevent

loss of bodily function and/or infection.

serious head injury?

  • A penetrating injury to head/ skull
  • fractures of the skull
  • scalping
  • loss of consciousness caused by a blow to the head or
  • a chemical/ heat burn to the skull.

loss of bodily function?

  • loss of movement of a limb
  • a loss of the sense of smell loss of consciousness,
  • taste
  • sight
  • or hearing or loss of function of an internal organ.

serious eye injury?

  • a penetrating injury to an eye; or
  • loss of sight of an eye
  • a chemical or hot metal burn to the eye.

What is a spinal injury?

  • a fracture of the spine with or without any limb weakness or paralysis.

(Muscular injuries are not considered spinal injuries)

Construction Headhunters was started by Jarrod Bayne a 10-year OHSEQ Professional in both Civil Construction and then Melbourne City building Construction.  We are a Construction recruitment agency run by construction professionals for construction companies. Notifiable incidents are also application Under the Plant Regulations please see Incident notifications for Plant

To download worksafes incident notification form click the link:

Worksafe Form