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Recruiting Vs Headhunting

Is Construction Recruiting the same as Headhunting?

How is Staffing different & What does Talent Acquisition mean?


Below, we’ll try to sort out what Recruiting, Staffing, Headhunting and Talent Acquisition are and how they are different from each other. Let’s start with the most common one.



I see companies who focus on construction staffing as businesses you call when your receptionist’s taking two weeks off in June, you need someone to man the phones pronto and address the enormous number of contractors calling to get paid prior end of financial year. Construction staffing also indicates workforce management meaning a business who’ll work with you in-drawing out your organisational chart and work towards plugging the employment gaps (firstly with temps and later with permanent staff) interestingly enough companies who focus on this type of service generally focus most of there profits on making a percentage on hourly rates, so would you go to a staffing company to find the best permanent employees, I think not. I’ts clear you’d be much better going to a business that has a dedicated permanent recruitment division. Simply put we see recruitment agencies who promote themselves as construction staffing, as labour hire business. A Headhunter has all the Skills of the above Staffing professional plus more.



Construction Recruiting is about taking a position description from a client, understanding the brief, advertising, screening and reporting on the best candidates who apply. Construction recruiting of this nature is more about taking the workload off construction companies and performing a human resource function, so they don’t have to.

There’s a couple of definitions for construction recruiting

  • In-house employee recruiters who are working within a company and would have other responsibilities within the business such as time sheet collection, payroll and pay calculations based on awards or agreements.


  • Construction Agency recruiters who are a third party business engaged on behalf of the construction client to take on the overburden of positions for a construction company.

As you can see, Construction Recruiters are professionals who manage job postings, process applications, organise interviews and act in the middle when negotiating employment conditions and contracts. A Headhunter has all the Skills of the above Recruiting professional plus more.


Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition is more about matching a Construction position which requires a higher level of talent then other positions within a company; for example, a construction/development company needs an Accountant who understands how GST on the sale of property developments is paid to the ATO. This Accountant needs to understand how the financial position of a construction company may change if the purchaser of the property then has to remit 1/11th of the sale price, making it payable by the vendor to the tax office.

This type of Talent acquisition generally requires a Talent Acquisition professional who’s worked within a senior level of a construction company, someone who understands the nuances of construction funding, time-frames and construction programming , construction risk, payment schedules, hold points and the security of payments act. This candidate must understand working with Contract Managers within a construction company. Talent Acquisition is generally a much savvier recruitment professional who understands staffing, recruitment and has the skill and experience to acquire Talented people for construction companies. A Headhunter has all the Skills of the above Talent Acquisition plus more.




Headhunting is tantamount with the most experienced staffing, recruitment and Talent acquisition professional- A Headhunter.

A Headhunter is someone with significant experience within both the construction industry and the employment industry, headhunters are top-level professionals who take on positions from clients, generally don’t have a need to advertise but rather map out target candidates and and have a very high level of success.

Headhunters will have all the abilities and tools of the other types of recruitment professionals, however operate at a much higher level and produce greater results than generic construction agencies in the market. A Headhunter is someone who understand briefs in minimal time, gets better results, is focused on one industry only and enjoys being involved with the best candidates within the construction industry, headhunters are the most knowledgeable within industry, have the highest level skill at all the above level of staffing, recruiting and talent acquisition. Headhunters are the best- We are Construction Headhunters.

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