Any Counter

Once you’ve handed in your resignation letter, your employer may decide that they can’t afford to lose you and want you to stay

This may not be out of appreciation for you as a person or long serving staff member, but may in fact be because it is costly to hire, replace and train a new staff member. In this situation, they may give you a counter offer.

If they’re aware that you were unhappy with your financial remuneration, they may offer to match your new salary or increase it by a percentage.

If your current employer is aware that your issue was with some other aspect of the job like work/life balance or something else within the company, they may think about what else they can offer to get you to stay.

Stay Firm!
You may be flattered at the increase in salary on offer but you need to remember you accepted the new opportunity because you were happy with changing your life and your circumstances.

If you were to accept the counter offer, you would be burning bridges with the new employer so if things didn’t work out down the track with your current employer, that new opportunity won’t be there waiting for you later. No one likes playing games, so it’s best to be certain about leaving and stick with the plan.

As with a relationship, when you’ve decided it’s over, there’s not much point in sticking around to try to make it better. It will only be delaying the inevitable. Just look towards the future with your head held high and know that there’s a better opportunity out there waiting for you. Life is too short, so don’t waste your time with an employer who doesn’t value you as you deserve to be valued.

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