Our advice to job seekers

When considering changing positions, it’s important to put your best foot forward at every stage, from the resume to phone and in person interviews, all the way through to signing the contract and beyond.

From the very beginning, you want your resume to stand out from the crowd and set you apart from other fellow job seekers. Make sure you include a spell checked cover letter with up to date contact details in with your resume when applying for a job. Keep it brief, and introduce yourself, letting the recruiter know which position you’re applying for and that you’re both keen and qualified.

Make sure you thoroughly read the job description and before submitting your resume, have a look through it to make sure you’ve included any relevant experience that could match you up to the job. At Construction Headhunters, we use the latest in recruitment technology to scan over large numbers of resumes quickly, so it is highly important that phrases you’ve used in your resume match up to the phrases used in the job advertisement. This will assist you in getting through the first round when there are a large number of applicants.

Also keep your online persona up to date. At Construction Headhunters, we use many and varied methods of hunting for the right staff for our clients, so if we see you on LinkedIn for example and you have an up to date profile, you would be more likely to be approached for upcoming positions than someone who had no profile or an out of date profile.

Likewise, if you’re on Facebook, make sure your profile and cover photo is either a quality reflection of yourself, or the security settings are set to private. These days, employers use every tool in their arsenal to ensure they’re hiring the right fit for their company.

At Construction Headhunters, we want to find you a suitable job, so please feel free to submit your application. If you’re suitable for the job you’ve applied for, we’ll get in touch and progress your application. If you’re not suitable for this particular position, we will still hold onto your resume and consider you for any upcoming roles that may be a match. You never know, the right job could be just around the corner!

If you’re looking for that next big break, we can help you manage your career and get you there. We invite you to join our network, so get started now by submitting your CV and registering for our job alerts.

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