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Cross Laminated Timber builder Strongbuild submitted to voluntary administration late November 2018 after a well known builder pulled out of a contract worth $45 million dollars only two weeks before stage 2 was due to commence. Strongbuild had already completed 22 of 104 planed townhouses when this occurred, with such a short notification period some with the industry are calling for a re-structure to way material suppliers are paid as one can only imagine how many Cross Laminated Timber panels and products would have been ready to transport 2 weeks from project commencement and the significant amount of job losses this has caused.

This sector has long been a great vision of innovation and Construction Headhunters as construction recruiters have been watching and managing speciality construction recruitment within the Cross Laminated Timber sector. Back in 2017 Lendlease and Strongbuild constructed the first commercial office building in Barangaroo, Sydney. However there have been few built before around Australia prior such as the Public Library Docklands, Melbourne, which was also a Lendlease project or Forte the previous world’s tallest Cross Laminated Timber project which was constructed in South Melbourne, Victoria. Interesting to note some within the industry are speculating Lendlease may be looking to acquire Strongbuild in its current state.

With 150 employees set within 3 sectors at  strongbuild, employees received notices of redundancies on notice of Liquidation, however Liquidators confident of Strongbuilds ability to stand up engaged a number of staff to return in preparation they would find an investor with funds between $3 and $6 million dollars to reflote the business.

For some construction recruitment agencies this would be music to their ears, however anyone who understands the construction market and the important  matter of supporting innovating construction methods such as strongbuild, should understand the long-term success of these emerging sectors is vital to the continued strength of the economy and the construction industry in General. With Strongbuilds employment model, yes, they’re process does elevate concrete structures/ formwork carpenters, steal in slab, Post tension subcontractors and concreters, however the majority of these trades are employed on a casual basis, with unsecured work entitlements and employed through Labour hire companies. The strongbuild employment model creates full-time Jobs within he is manufacturing industry which has been expected to fall by 4.2% in over the next 4 years and Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing which is expecting a 0.8% fall by 2022.

The pre-fab construction industry recruits skilled trades such as carpenters, cabinet makers, Transport, drafters, engineers, Supervisors, Project Managers, Contract Administrators, Estimators and importantly a huge amount of timber material from the forestry industry. These positions are majority full-time, good for business, good for employees and good for the construction economy. Anyone who understands the building industry, knows this administration is no reflection on the entire pre-fab industry and something tells me Strongbuild will be back in one form or another.

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