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The demand for skilled staff from Construction Recruitment companies in Melbourne remains high leading into the 2018 Christmas period, with the construction industry split into two main divisions Building Construction and Civil Construction. Simply put one sectors has been Headhunting the others for skilled employees which continues to create a Human Capital hole.

Building construction consists of physical building stock like single domestic dwellings and Townhouses up to Domestic Apartment Construction built under DBU licenses and Commercial Projects built under CBU licenses. With the market cooling on the domestic building front driven by the Royal commission into the major Australian Banks and tighter Bank lending criteria, investors shifting priorities, stagnant wages across the broad Australian economy and an equilibrium looking to return between supply and demand within the property market. Our Construction recruitment firm is fundamentally overseeing the Human Capital sector for our clients.

The builders and developers who predicted this shift ahead of time made a  switch in focus within the Building construction space and begun acquiring and tendering for commercial projects around Melbourne; and have in-fact increased the need for construction recruitment across many divisions. The fact being, in many construction areas we still have a significant skill shortage. This includes management functions such as Site Managers, Contract Administrators, Project Managers, Estimators and skilled labor. Another very important reason why there’s still a high demand for Construction Recruitment companies; and why this will continue to be the case, is the Civil Construction sector over recent years has had a significant cash injection for infrastructure Projects from Federal and State Governments which has seen Construction companies and construction recruitment firms Headhunting candidates from Building construction across to Civil construction. The largest impact has been the Civil Construction companies large salary offers to secure candidates, this has caused the Building construction sector to loose a significant portion of its skilled employees to the Civil construction sector and has previously caused higher wages for Building Construction positions.

What does this mean for your Human Capital, our perception of the current climate is positive for Human Capital (although not great for builder’s bottom line) with some Volume Builders having 25% reductions in property acquisitions and approvals, we believe you’ll see the less experienced employees unfortunately being moved on and the bulk of employees remaining being high quality and knowledgeable staff. This will lead to Builders taking the opportunity to secure only the best candidates and who better to acquisition the best candidates than Construction Heradhunters who understand the industry and who are Ex-construction professionals themselves. What’s exciting about this when talking Human Capital is Construction headhunters as a leading Construction Recruitment firm in Melbourne is seeing a shift from those candidates who made the transition from Building Construction to Civil construction, many candidates where promised the world and are being delivered phone books. At Construction Headhunters, we’re speaking to candidates daily who are wanting to make the transition back to Building Construction and who better to represent them than a leading Construction Recruitment company like Construction Headhunters. With the Andrews Government returning to Power in the 2018 State Elections, Mr Andrews intends to boost the Civil construction industry with a further 25 billion dollars for infrastructure projects which will continue the attack on building constructions skilled employees and broaden the Human Capital hole even in a declining Domestic property market.

The importance of engaging a Construction Recruiter like Construction Headhunters is not only to be provided skilled staff to fill those holes, but to oversee and understand the Human Capital aspect of the Construction industry. At Construction Headhunters we can notify you free of charge when suitable candidate become available within your construction sector.

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