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Some people ask if having a Construction Labour Hire Company on your resume effects your likelihood of being employed full-time. We believe the answer is yes and no. First off, if you have multiple Construction Labour Hire Companies on your resume some employers may assume you’re unable to hold down a full-time position as the very nature of working for Construction Labour Hire Companies is, you can be let go the next day and this may be the reason you work within the Labour Hire Industry, therefore some construction companies weigh this up when assessing your resume.
The above noted, you may have simply filled in the gap working construction Labour Hire. If this being the case employers may also assume you left on bad terms with your previous employer however this may simply not be the case. In submitting your resume always ensure you give a brief description as to why you may have worked for a Labour hire company, this will flush out any assumption someone may have when reading your resume

As a construction recruitment company, it’s our job to take these things into consideration, If you need advice on your next role, contact Construction Headhunters on 1300 998 818

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