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Construction Employment Growth Projection

Construction as an industry employs a significant amount of Australia’s Workforce and has increasingly become an industry being heavily educated to perform.

The Median Age for construction workers is 39 which is extremely high for a primarily manual labour industry. With construction employment, 52% of those employed being Technicians and Trade workers. This points to the significant issue of Employers losing employees over the Next 10 Years due to an aging workforce.

Age Profile

Construction Education

With a Construction Age profile which will see a significant amount of highly skilled Construction workers leaving the industry over the next 10 years, the Australian Government has put Construction Employment as top of the agenda and begun to drive and introduce subsidised construction training courses such as a Certificate IV in Building and Construction and Cert III in Civil Construction to help fill the Gaps of exiting construction professionals.

Education is expected to increase within the construction industry over the next 4 years by 4 points taking the total amount of Construction Workers who hold a Post High School Qualification to 68% of the workforce. In comparison to other Australian Industries 68% is a high value amount.

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