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Construction Manager Job Description

The construction industry has a high demand for experienced, skilled and professional Construction managers in Melbourne and Sydney’s construction projects; It’s understanding how to find the right Construction Managers and having a network of people to tap-into when you need it. As a construction company your focus will be on operations, however as a Construction recruitment agency ours is on Construction Managers and construction professionals; with a salary range from the smallest of company’s being $140,000 up to $400,000 for the Teir 1 construction companies, the investment in a Construction recruitment agency who can look at your definition of a construction manger job description and truly understand it, would be valuable right?.  At construction headhunters we are professional construction recruitment professionals with real construction experience, this is why our clients love us.  Pass your construction manager job description to our construction recruiters and well discuss your projects and the skill-sets you need to achieve your construction goals.

Engaging our team as your specialist recruiter will ensure your business is meeting with the best possible candidates for the position.

Some of the responsibilities within a Construction Manager job description are provided below.


Construction Manager job description


Main Function

  • Confirm that project operations are being carried out in accordance with established safety policies and regulations.
  • Check and verify that the standards and quality of construction meet the minimum requirements of the specific contract or standards required by the company.
  • Verify company compliance with statutory and award obligations with respect to industrial matters on each site and report to the Managing Director any potential or real industrial issues.
  • Issue timely instructions to subordinates to ensure continuity of construction and compliance with contract duration’s.
  • Authorize major project specific expenditure commitments to the level set from time to time by the company.
  • Ensure that induction procedures for all project site personnel are carried out in conformance to site and company requirements and all documentation pertaining to those procedures is collated and forwarded to the office.
  • Ensure that all Quality Assurance, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety, documentation on each project is recorded in accordance with Company Policy and forwarded to the Project Manager.
  • Manage environmental risks.

Must be familiar with current:

  • OH.& S requirements and
  • Use and limitations of equipment normally used by the company.
  • Company policy on Safety
  • Award and statutory requirements with respect to hiring and terminating labour.
  • Company Management System and Management Policy.
  • Monitor and approve where necessary the purchases made from site and ensure that no purchases are made without a purchase order by subordinates.
  • Refer all information relating to contract variations to the Project Manager or Director and ensure that all supporting information is included.
  • Ensure that client instruction is received where works are requested outside the defined scope before work commences on the variation unless otherwise directed
  • Attend hand over meetings for new projects
  • Adopt other position duties when required