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Recruiting Vs Headhunting

Recruiting Vs Headhunting

Is Construction Recruiting the same as Headhunting? How is Staffing different & What does Talent Acquisition mean?   Below, we’ll try to sort out what Recruiting, Staffing, Headhunting and Talent Acquisition are and how they are different from each other. Let’s start with the most common one.   Staffing I see companies who focus on […]

2019-2020 Federal budget infrastructure

Victoria given $6.2B  in the 2019 federal budget  The 2019-2020 Federal budget infrastructure projects have made big headlines over the last week and when you give the Victorian construction industry $6.2B, within the 2019-2020 Federal budget for infrastructure spending you will get our attention. Whilst Bill shorten was driving around in an electric Hyundai calling for policy […]

Worksafe notifiable incidents

A workplace is any location where employees or self-employed persons work, Worksafe  make it clear there is no exception by stating, in service industries a workplace is anywhere the service is provided. WHAT ARE WORKSAFE NOTIFIABLE INCIDENTS?   Notification is required where an incident at a workplace results in: death; or serious injury. Worksafe notifiable incidents […]

Design & Build Melbourne

Site Manager- What’s the difference between a Design & Build project Vs Bid-Build Design & Build/ D & C: Using the Design & Build method, the developer or Owner hires a single Australian construction company to complete both the design of the project and perform the build within one contract. The construction company which has […]

Construction Agencies | It’s changed today

Construction Headhunters is one of Melbourne’s Leading Construction Agencies and we’re here to help you. The construction industry has made huge changes over the past few decades. And like almost every other industry, it has been drastically effected by technology and the digital age. The addition of digital records and plans over hard copies, and […]

Construction Labour Hire Melbourne

Some people ask if having a Construction Labour Hire Company on your resume effects your likelihood of being employed full-time. We believe the answer is yes and no. First off, if you have multiple Construction Labour Hire Companies on your resume some employers may assume you’re unable to hold down a full-time position as the […]

Construction Employment Growth Projection

Construction as an industry employs a significant amount of Australia’s Workforce and has increasingly become an industry being heavily educated to perform. The Median Age for construction workers is 39 which is extremely high for a primarily manual labour industry. With construction employment, 52% of those employed being Technicians and Trade workers. This points to […]

2019 Construction Year Regional Rail Projects

Victoria’s Regional Rail projects will continue to progress strong in the 2019 Construction year with Significant investment across the broad construction market the Regional package sits at  $1.75 billion. This investment will give Victoria and outer Victorians access to a Metro style train infrastructure and create over 1000 construction jobs, Significant Civil Construction Recruitment needs, support […]

Level Crossing Removal

The elections over and the Victorian Government will move ahead with its enormous pipeline of infrastructure work over the coming summer months, with Daniel Andrews Pledging to add to the budget another $25 Billion to fund more infrastructure including $6.6 Billion further level crossing removal work: New level crossing removal projects earmarked include: An additional […]

Cross Laminated Timber

Cross Laminated Timber builder Strongbuild submitted to voluntary administration late November 2018 after a well known builder pulled out of a contract worth $45 million dollars only two weeks before stage 2 was due to commence. Strongbuild had already completed 22 of 104 planed townhouses when this occurred, with such a short notification period some […]