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Construction Headhunters

How You Can Benefit From a Recruitment Agency in the Construction Industry


Some jobs are best left for the Construction experts.

Recruiting isn’t the most glamorous of responsibilities. Tediously writing up job openings, slowly scrolling through endless CVs, and working through interview after interview with people that may or may not be successful; the recruitment process takes up time, and it’s time you probably time you don’t always have.

Let’s face it, in a high demanding role in the construction industry, there’s not always that free time nor skills needed to adequately screen and recruit applicants. It takes a keen understanding of each role, a good judge of character and a whole lot of reading, interviewing and decision making. For many in the construction industry, time is of utmost importance, priorities are set, and hiring is not always the number one.

So why not pass the job over to someone who can give 100%? If you’re at your office dreading the mundane task of flicking through resumes and scheduling interviews, why not leave it to the expert recruiters, and try your luck with a skilled construction recruitment agency?

Construction Headhunters is the go-to for construction related recruitment and is a dedicated construction recruitment agency. As you want to hire the best candidates for the position, it’s only fair you arrange the best recruiter for that job. Construction Headhunters is that specialty recruiter you need; the middle man there to help your hiring run as smooth and as effortless as possible.

Construction Headhunters’s sole purpose is managing your recruitment, from that first advertisement, to shortlisting, to the interview process, to that final job acceptance. Everything is arranged so you’re able to focus on the more important things of your job.  A recruiter’s role is to prioritize that hiring process, meaning more time to find that perfect applicant.

Unlike the more generalized recruiters, Construction Headhunters have on-site experience related to the construction field, so they know exactly what you will be looking for. The team have spent 10 years in the construction industry and, during this time, have worked alongside each and every type of employee. From engineers, to project managers to labourers, Construction Headhunters are familiar with the ins and outs of each of these roles, and have the best knowledge available to be a construction recruitment agency and hire for construction companies.

And this is what gives Construction Headhunters that something extra; a specialized understanding of the construction industry resulting in the best skills to hire for the jobs. From the smaller details of casual labour hire, to the bigger responsibility of head-hunting those high-demand roles, Construction Headhunters will be there for every single moment. The ease, convenience and personal touch of each recruitment will have you coming back for all your hiring needs. Our speciality is Construction only, Building Construction, Civil Construction, Engineering, Health & Safety and  Building Services Contractors.

So if you find your business needs a change in its recruitment process, why not speak to the team at Construction Headhunters? And find out why so many people are choosing it.


Construction Headhunters offers in depth screening processes when recruiting and placement guarantee. To find out how your business can benefit from a skilled recruiter, connect with Construction Headhunters, Call 1300 998 818 and check out more information on the website.