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I’ve been directly involved with recruiters for many years and can say Construction Headhunters are the best I’ve dealt with, and I’ve dealt with many.
In Summary:
● They actually listen AND understand their clients’ requirements.
● Don’t waste time with unsuitable candidates.
● Relationship based. In it for the long hall and loves being a part of their client’s success. Not after the quick buck.
● Great integrity.

Beside the above being accurate, they are also great people with heaps of industry experience.
Ashley Levin​
Director of Wolf Group
I used Construction HeadHunters because they specialized in the building industry and I wanted a recruiter who knew what I wanted and how to find the right site manager. Construction Headhunters quickly understood our unique brief and offered 3 candidates within a week each with his own pre-interviewed feedback and recommendations. Thank you and I look forward to working with you again.
We were in need of immediate staffing assistance; Contacted Construction Headhunters- spoke to Jarrod who was engaging, dependable and high in integrity and quick to help. A successful resolution with the right candidate was achieved over a weekend and it’s a pleasure to recommend him as an accomplished recruiting professional.
Stuart Dunne
Melbourne Homes of distinction