At Construction Headhunters, we offer a variety of services including recruitment for permanent roles at all levels.

We recruit permanent staff all across Australia from our Melbourne head office and specialise in recruiting for the construction industry; specifically, building construction, civil construction, engineering, health and safety, as well as building services.

The types of positions that we recruit permanent staff for are many and varied and include administrative staff, contract administration, supervisors, engineers, site management and many other specialist roles.

When seeking permanent staff to join your company, finding the right fit for the company culture is crucial. You may want to hire employees who wish to grow with the company, who are highly skilled in their particular fields, go-getters who don’t need to be micro managed, team players or many other personal and professional traits.

At Construction Headhunters, we take the time to really listen to your requirements and specifically find candidates who will thrive in your company environment. We find professional experts and support staff who will become part of your work family and who will be in it for the long haul.

As experienced former on-site construction specialists ourselves, we understand the challenges you face in hiring the right kind of staff and are dedicated to making the job easier for you. We know what pitfalls to avoid in hiring permanent staff and what traits and skills are highly desirable.Alternatively, if you need to hire contract staff, we have a dedicated contracting services division which provides clients with the most suitably qualified professionals for short to medium-term projects.

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